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The most viewed videos should make you curious. Observe them and take notes. Learn what makes these clips more popular than others. For example, it could be quality, the topic being discussed, or a touching story. What resonates with the viewer? How do creators capture audiences? Analyze design elements, colors, sounds, and how creators fit into their brand style and language. Research audience engagement. How many subscribers does this channel have? How many likes and shares are there? In the “About” tab, you can see when your YouTube channel was created and the total number of views it has received since. In the Channels tab, find relevant channels and review them – you may find competitors you didn’t even know you had. Ryan’s About Our World page.

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Another aspect to consider for competitor activity on the platform is the activity Dominican Republic Phone Number List of popular channels. How often do they publish new video content? Do they post on specific weekdays or dates? Use these insights to fill out your own content and social media calendars and determine posting frequency and schedule. Investigate the typical length, structure, and style of your video. Try to focus on measurable parameters that you can easily compare on analysis sheets. You can learn about the video strategies of many different companies. Some may stick to standard types of video, while others offer a mix of promotional and informational video content. Some brands only use animated videos because that’s their brand style.

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Find out if your industry has a video style standard. Also, analyze which elements are commonly used, such as an intro with music or an outro with a CTA, subtitles, etc. . Pay attention to competitors’ reactions to their content. Audience reactions are a source of insightful information about what content viewers find valuable. See topics discussed by users and answer their questions. Viewer comments can be inspiration and feed your own videos. You may find recurring issues mentioned by users on different competitor channels. Take note of them and address them in your video content.

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