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How do you use Similarweb to monitor your competitors? In order to properly monitor your competitors, you will ne some competitor tracking tools. This will save you a lot of valuable manual research time and remove any doubts about the accuracy of your data. Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence offers a suite of competitive intelligence analysis tools that make competitor monitoring a breeze. The Competitive Tracker tool is especially good for competitive tracking – hence the name. Simply select your website and maximum number of competitors, and you can instantly see a bird’s-eye view of changes, trends, and other insights over time. Similarweb Competitive Tracker tool showing CNN competitive set. With just one click, you can get as much detail as you want. You’ll quickly spot new competitor trends and changes in seconds.

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Without this tool, it could take your team hours to get the same type of information if Croatia Phone Number List you manage to find it. Uncover insights such as: How you rank among your competitors on that channel Channel traffic change trends or new keywords and topics Paid keyword bidding trends or new referral sources What are the most critical competitor data points to track? It’s important to track various metrics to get a complete picture of your competitors’ websites. Your goal is to understand their full performance across channels. Below are some of the different metrics we recommend tracking. Website Traffic Understanding your competitors’ traffic sources can reveal a lot of interesting insights.

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Using Similarweb, you can check your competitor’s website traffic and show List of Mobile Phone Numbers exactly how much traffic your competitor is getting over time from. Direct Mail Referrals Search Social Display Ads Simialrweb Marketing Channel Overview Tool for Nike competitive combination. Seeing which sources of inbound traffic are the strongest and weakest in terms of traffic quantity and quality can be extremely valuable for marketing and sales strategies. You’ll be able to see which strategies work and which don’t work for your opponents. This will help you and your team revise your marketing strategy to take inspiration from. The competition and fill gaps in your niche that others are ignoring. Target Keywords Check the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

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