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Determining Winning Criteria As with every contest, A/B testing requires specific criteria for determining a winner. For Site A/B For the test, you can choose some of the following criteria to judge your winner CTR CTR is the number of clicks out of the total number of impressions you receive. For example, if your PPC ads on Google get , impressions and clicks, your CTR is . If you’re A/B testing your ads, the winning ad will be the one with the higher click-through rate. Lead Let’s say you’re A/B testing a lead magnet landing page. The goal of this page is to get the visitor to convert. Your winning landing page will be the one that generates more leads.

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Session Duration Session duration is the amount of time a person spends Canada Phone Number List on your website. Obviously, the longer it lasts, the better for you! If you want to improve session duration, you can test how your A/B testing variables affect it. Conversion A conversion is when a website visitor performs a desired action. Maybe you want them to buy something, click a certain button, or provide their email address. See how changing variables can affect conversions! Bounce rate Your bounce rate is how many people leave your website after seeing only one page. You can test variables to see what is reducing your bounce rate.

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Who knows, maybe a font change will stop people from leaving List of Mobile Phone Numbers your page! Creating a test page starts with your Control page. This is the original version of the web page. It can be a page that already exists on your website, or a new page that you create for a new purpose. Next, you can create a test page. This page is basically a copy of the control page, with one difference the test variables you choose. Prime example You decide to test two different calls to action to see which one drives more clicks. First, create two similar pages, the only difference is the call to action.

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