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What do we like about it How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy outlines many of our golden rules for pillar posts. It’s highly readable, with conversational and engaging prose; it’s rich in internal linking, from how to do a competitive content analysis to doing keyword research; and it’s easy for readers thanks to a sticky table of contents further down the page browse. what can you copy This is a long article at over , words, even by pillar page standards. It makes sense – content marketing is a huge topic. However, readers won’t be thrown off by the seemingly endless scrolling thanks to the progress bar at the top of the page.

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A progress bar lets readers know how much of the post they have read and Australia Mobile Number List how much remains to read, which encourages them to continue reading to the end of the post. . Wine Folly Wine Folly / Wine Folly’s mainstay page What is wine? What makes it a pillar? From top to bottom, this post from Wine Folly is so informative that you could peruse a section and eventually finish the whole article. “What is wine anyway?” is a classic example of a pillar article, exploring a topic from the broadest possible perspective and encouraging readers to explore the site further and even make a purchase. what do we like about it We love clean copy.

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It provides readers with clear, concise information covering List of Mobile Phone Numbers everything from. The difference between wine and table grapes to the combination of elements that explain wine’s unique taste. With links to more in-depth articles where appropriate. Know your target audience. For some topics, dialogue and humor can aid understanding. For others, it’s best to provide only the information the reader wants. what can you copy information chart. They’re really useful and really enhance the page without looking like they’re flagg. Use infographics on your own pillar pages to illustrate data and statistics or to simplify complex topics. What’s inside a bottle of wine infographic.

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