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FIND THE RIGHT AUDIENCE Understanding your audience and their behavior in your industry allows you to better target relevant personas and pain points. See the traffic share of your closest competitors in each geographic region and investigate the demographic makeup of their audience. Screenshot of Similarweb comparing age distribution demographics. Identify what all audiences have in common and the characteristics of your high-potential visitors. This helps you understand who you’re competing against, and with whom. Check the share of voice in each region to see who is losing and who is winning. Don’t forget to consider audience loyalty, too. Compare new and returning visitors to see how competitors are retaining their customer base. As you drill down, you’ll discover audience differences.

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You may stumble upon an underrepresented population. This could be an important Cayman Islands Phone Number List fact to mention in your report as it can benefit your business. . Perform a SWOT analysis Perform a SWOT analysis on all collected data. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, which you can identify using the context of the competitive landscape. Identify each brand’s weaknesses and strengths, understand who poses threats and where your opportunities lie. A SWOT analysis defines a graph. How do you effectively present data in a competitor report? explain. Examine the data against your original goals and the purpose of the report. Then decide which metrics and insights best serve that purpose or represent the insights you want to provide. Is it a regular periodic monitoring report? What key decisions depend on information.

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For example, if the intent was to support increased budget for PPC, you List of Mobile Phone Numbers would include a different set of data than in the report to identify major emerging industry trends. If the competitive audit report does not have specific objectives attached, please add conclusions and recommendations. Visualization techniques such as bar charts, bubble charts, maps and competition matrices facilitate immediate understanding. They also allow you to highlight key aspects of competitive audit reports. The matrix is ​​usually set up as quadrants, allowing easy identification of industry leaders, challengers, established brands, and niche market players. Using Similarweb, you can define engagement measures, compare them and apply them to market quadrant analysis of selected relevant players on the grid.

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