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Fix website problems This tip might seem obvious, but it’s very important. Issues that interrupt a user’s experience on your site can lower your conversion rate as frustrated visitors leave. Therefore, you have to fix website issues especially if you have noticed a recent dip in conversions and don’t know why. Here are some site issues to look for: You’re using HTTP instead of HTTPS Your site has broken links Your images aren’t loading Your buttons don’t work Your web pages have spelling or grammar mistakes You’re only providing outdated information You Your website navigation is too confusing Alternatively, look at your bounce rate to check if your website is working for your target audience.

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Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave without clicking on an Bulgaria Phone Number List internal link. A high bounce rate indicates dissatisfied visitors. Similarweb site analysis shows the average bounce rate for each industry as follows: If you want to see other website metrics, please read “Annual Industry Benchmarks to Boost Your Ecommerce Strategy”. .Research Your Competitors If you understand why customers buy from your competitors, you can use these insights to make your brand more attractive so they will buy from you instead. Browse your competitors’ websites and pay attention to how they market their products. Are they using keywords that you don’t? Do they offer better value? How are they positioning their brand? Similarweb Conversion Funnel & Customer Journey Analysis tool is your friend.

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It will help you understand customer journeys, uncover product search List of Mobile Phone Numbers trends, uncover meaningful touchpoints, and identify competitor strategies. .Start a Customer Loyalty Program to Retain Customers You’ve probably heard before that “it’s better to sell to loyal customers than existing customers.” Indeed, brand loyalty matters. One of the most famous studies on this phenomenon was conducted by Bain & Company in collaboration with Earl Sasser of Harvard Business School. This study found that increasing retention by 100 increases profits by more than 100. A few years later, Alan E.

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