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An ad exchange is similar to a stock exchange, trading impressions rather than shares. The highest bidder completes the deal. This happens in real time, which is where the term (real-time bidding) comes from. To gain access to an ad exchange, advertisers upload their ad to a demand-side platform along with specifications about audience demographics and more. The platform connects them to an ad exchange, and then they can start bidding. Publishers are on the other end of the rope, listing their ad space inventory on supply-side platforms. Now they can offer and sell impressions on ad exchanges. In an advertising exchange, an impression is offered to an advertiser relevant to a publisher’s audience at a starting price.

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The highest bidder gets the impression. Programmatic advertising infographic. All of this Cayman Islands Phone Number List happens in a few seconds at most between the time you click on a page and the time it opens. Programmatic Ad Example Here’s what happens step by step when you see an ad that looks like someone is spying on you: You click to open a news site, ie. Pass, put the impressions up for auction. Bid on impressions from , , , and other sites that fit your demographic description (or whose sites you visit frequently). The auction is held on an ad exchange, and the advertiser with the highest bid (assumed to be) wins.

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You see an ad for a Seychelles holiday deal. When your grandpa clicks on List of Mobile Phone Numbers the same website, he sees a different ad. He hasn’t considered traveling to a remote island lately, and as a retiree, he doesn’t need project management tools. A site that bids for impressions when he opens a news site is not the same as when you click on it. Depending on his age and recent browsing history, he might get an offer on natural remedies for back pain or a lawn mower (if he likes gardening, like my grandfather did). Advertisers set audience demographics and behavioral criteria in Advertisers to ensure that ads are seen by the intended audience.

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