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So if you’re trying to figure out how to quickly rank a video and it’s not working, know that this might be hindering the process. How do viewers interact with your videos? How can viewers participate? Illustration Viewers can get involved in the following ways: Give you a thumbs up Share your video Subscribe to your channel Leave a comment Save this to a playlist How do you encourage engagement? Don’t be shy; tell your audience what you want them to do next. Every marketing video should contain. Determine what you expect from your target audience and ask them to do the same.

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For example, if you want viewers to visit your site, use the The end screen shows them Cambodia Phone Number List a link and adds it right below the video in the description. Tell them to visit the site and what they’ll get there or why it’s worth it. Always remind your viewers to like, comment or subscribe to your channel. All of these are ranking factors that help rank your video. Pro Tip: When you get a comment, be sure to respond. Make commenting a routine, as this will encourage visitors to comment again and encourage others to do the same. When should it appear in the video? The ending can be the most effective part of your video calling the viewer to action. You can also encourage them to take that action earlier in the video.

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This works well when the action is directly related to what was shown in the video List of Mobile Phone Numbers or when the viewer didn’t watch until the very end. Some video creators even start their videos by asking people to subscribe right after introducing themselves and the subject of the video. This option is popular with high-profile influencers who post videos regularly and don’t risk people running off to watch another video. Screenshot of Asking People to Subscribe Okay, we’re a bit over the top here, back to the video one. How long should the video be? The optimal length of a video depends on the video type and subject.

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