There are several ways to monitor

It is enough to take a closer look at them to assess the level of trust and satisfaction of customers towards the company. However, you must remember that while for you it will be feback, for your recipients such information will be important for other reasons: It turns out that as many as 84% ​​of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends. In turn, 97% of Internet users check reviews about a company before making a purchase. From this it follows that online reviews are of great importance in terms of building trust, cribility and influencing the purchasing decisions of customers.

Monitoring emerging mentions

That is why it is so important to keep an eye on emerging opinions about yourself and be especially vigilant in the case of negative ones. According to database a study by the London School of Economics, a 2% ruction in negative mentions equals a 1% increase in sales. How to take care of the brand image and protect its reputation? In the age of the Internet, everyone is really responsible for shaping the company’s image. This is the biggest disadvantage and advantage at the same time. Information spreads faster and reaches a wider audience, but it can be dangerous with negative content. One thing is for sure. You can’t stop people from writing negative online reviews about you.


The company from worst

Canruce the impact. In order to maintain a positive brand image and avoid its deterioration, it is worth keeping your finger on the pulse and  about Iist Of Mobile Phone Numbers yourself on an ongoing basis. This is the best crisis management method that can protect. what others are saying about you online. One of them is to manually search for mentions about yourself by simply entering the appropriate phrases into the search engine. However, this takes a lot of time and is not very practical.

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