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The term social algorithm means a series of mathematical and logical rules which are applied to the network of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The purpose of the algorithm, briefly, is to create engagement and show the public the results they are looking for, based on and analyzing the actions of the users themselves.

It is therefore a question of filtering millions and millions of pieces of information , showing the user a wise selection of contents, those deemed most pertinent to his interests.

Social networks  have every interest in entertaining and prolonging the time spent on the platform . Information filtering was born with this function. But what are the last rules of the algorithm and how is it possible to exploit the algorithm in favor of one’s communication?

The Facebook algorithm

Facebook was the very first social network to implement its own algorithmic feed. Facebook’s algorithm also  aims to show its users the most suitable content, in particular, the ones they are most likely to want to interact with. Even today, Facebook evaluates posts by attributing a score based on precise parameters. The score attributed to the content will determine whether or not the post will appear in our feed. The most important parameter for Facebook is the probability of interaction .

The latest Facebook update enhances VP Security Email Lists the posts of close friends and family, combined with content that is more capable of generating the largest number of conversations and interactions between users.

In fact, today, the algorithm update detects and gives more weight to comments and shares . The basis of this algorithm is the history of interactions with respect to the post, including the probability of users responding to that content and, consequently, the increase in engagement on the platform .

The Twitter algorithm

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The Twitter algorithm , in recent times, has been working hard to enhance itself, also focusing on engagement . Although this is common to many social networks, the twitter algorithm has developed a peculiarity.

In addition to showing the contents we may be List of Mobile Phone Numbers interested in, just like Facebook, Twitter has decided to put the many information in order. In fact, usually, the first time you log into Twitter each day, you’ll see the most important tweets, the ones we may have missed, along with the most popular ones from people you’ve followed or replies to tweets you’ve interacted with. Behind this algorithm, there is the idea of ​​highlighting content that is relevant to the user, but which he may have missed. It is a particular logic that mainly characterizes this social network.

The social network of the moment for brands: Instagram.

But that’s not all! With the update, Twitter has also decided to enhance the engagement and interaction between users. The most engaging tweets, which stimulate conversation, reshares, exponentially increase the probability of appearing in the feed of your followers .

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