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“Tik Tok” or “The party”

Tik Tok is a very fun, dynamic and creative social network, where the vocation is to surprise and energize.

The communication style is very ironic and light and has a great viralizing power of the contents. The users, despite being very young, have a good spending potential and above all they are great trend setters.

To communicate better on this social network, you need to make the most of its vocation, that is, aimed at entertainment and fun.

There is also a caption potential, but above all what is very strong on TikTok is the creative manipulation mechanism determined by the short videos that are reinterpreted by users to then be re-shared and viralized. Tik Tok is in fact the social network in which videos reign more than images and texts, mostly created by professionals in the sector, as can be the case with cosmetics and Beauty Care brands.

“Twitter” or “The Word”

Twitter is a more serious social network whose vocation is to inform users, stimulate discussion, transmit values. As a result, the mood and communication style are much more serious, dense and in-depth.

However, it is a dynamic social network, not in the sense of dynamism typical of tik tok, but in the sense that it feeds on constant updating.

It is a journalistic social network that aims to make news, stay on track, keep up with what is happening in the world in real time.

The brand that wants to communicate on twitter must CMO Email Lists focus on the consistency between its product and that of the consumer user by taking a stand. We need to take advantage of live tweeting by inserting ourselves into the flows of what is happening.

The language is mostly textual, although images remain very important.

“Youtube” or “Memory”

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Youtube is a social network that has a strong educational vocation, it is the world of tutorials that allows you to go deeper because it is a slower social network, where you can create even slightly longer contents.

To communicate on this platform, brands must leverage their didactic vocation by going into more detail about the product and explaining their values ​​also with the use of colours, tone of voice and key messages. In this case, the most suitable professionals are bloggers. Skilled in absorbing and transmitting the values ​​you want to convey in a narrative and captivating key.

In fact, it is possible to tell a story about the brand and the product. Let’s think of “Media & Entertainment” in which to focus, for example, on teasers, the sharing of video reviews, etc.

Social advertising: our considerations

Social networks are extremely suitable tools for communication and List of Mobile Phone Numbers brands are investing more and more because they are very useful for effective communication.

You can communicate any product category on social networks as long as you do it in a way that is consistent with your reference industry. But, above all, with respect to the characteristics of the platform.

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