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However , with a third-party intranet solution, such as that from Powell Intranet , this is easy. Most of our customers choose to create a hybrid environment. In this way, you can rebuild all your most visited pages in the modern interface while leaving your intranet in the classic interface for the rest. This is very extensive, but Powell Intranet will help you manage and implement it. Download our e-book and learn more about the transition from classic to modern intranet site.

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Create an effective intranet with the move to SharePoint Online How to build a better intranet on SharePoint Online Traditional SharePoint Latest Mailing Database Online intranets, even those built in the modern user interface, cannot always meet all expectations. It is important for many communications teams to have an intranet that can be customized to appeal to different users. However, adapting a traditional SharePoint intranet is not easy. With a classic or modern SharePoint, it’s still not appealing enough.

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Again, there is no option to target specific audiences. This makes it difficult to target different users and leads to information overload. Additionally, the user experience in SharePoint focuses on the technical aspects and not the business List Of Mobile Phone Numbers outcomes. Searching and navigating the websites can become frustrating for employees. The aim is therefore to create customized pages with the help of IT resources. However, this approach could be very time consuming and incur high costs. Therefore, a third-party intranet built on top of SharePoint is required to exploit the full potential of SharePoint and to adapt it to the needs of the company.

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