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Humanity in Future Information June 29, 2021 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Interest Telegram Email Share Business Communication; Caring; Company Products are replaceable. People don’t think so. So, in today’s companies, it’s human resources that come into play. not only. In addition to the calm and increased turnover that caring for employees can bring, we must also increase the social function of production.  the quality of life. After the dramatic experience of the coronavirus, life means “us” because, as Pope Francis said, no one can save themselves. same rule You must organize your armies: production , sales , marketing , customer service , in order to provide what more and more customers are looking for today: a flawless and smooth customer experience.

To meet your customers expectations

you must collect and analyze information about what interests them, and provide quality service by effectively managing your business. The CRM for more visibility on who does what in the company We are not talking about policing here, but about Canadian CEO Email Lists simple organization : marketing , sales administration . Who has been in contact with this ready-to-sign prospect that you met 4 months ago. In the worst case, you lost a sale because you didn’t follow up on this prospect in a timely manner. A CRM tool or solution allows you to manage your teams and gives you the elements to support them towards success (new lead, new client, etc.). “ The rule is that the general who triumphs is always the best informed.

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The Art of War A CRM to

keep the history of the last exchanges with your prospects What are the last interactions with this prospect or customer: did he receive a reminder email? a follow-up email? was he called? did he come back to the website to see the prices page or did List of Mobile Phone Numbers he end up downloading the catalogue? Did the person in charge leave a voice message? Has one of your collaborators already set an appointment with this prospect? Has this prospect signed your offer, and if not why? Logging interactions not only allows you to structure your activity , save your salespeople time, but above all it reassures the customer about your support methods.

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