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Yes, employers prefer to hire applicants with substantial specializ skills. Surely you remember the popular saying that nerve cells cannot be restor. But this is nothing more than a myth. Scientists have demonstrat that the functions of dead nerve cells are taken over by living neurons, which eventually grow, grow larger and form new connections. The formation of new neural connections in the brain is directly influenc by intensive mental activity and a healthy lifestyle. If a person eats well, exercises a lot, and receives new knowlge frequently, his brain will remain active into old age, so you ne to take care of yourself and learn not only in childhood, but also in adulthood. Here are some reasons why you should learn that even if you are, , or 20 years old, you can radically change your career.

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Many ucational programs are design for working adults, and it is possible to New Zealand Phone Numbers List leave a boring job at any age. another area. Prominantly opt for post-training employment; you will be able to quickly climb the career ladder The more knowlge and skills you have, the more complex tasks you can perform. Such professionals grow much faster than those who do not study and do not deepen their professional knowlge; you can get more salary directly depending on the number of skills in your resume. Applicants with different skills than those who have graduat from college Experts who have not studi are also more likely to obtain high-paying positions.

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This statement is back up by the fact that as early as 2010, experts from. The List of Mobile Phone Numbers Russian Academy of Management conduct. A survey and found that 100% of the respondents earn more after training. Your life becomes more interesting when you study , you will not only acquire new knowlge. But also communicate with interesting people and participate in offline and online events webinars. Roundtables, lectures and conferences; Learning is good for the brain In a study on brain activity, scientists It has been shown that the greater a person’s cognitive reserve, ie level of ucation and level of mental and social activity, ruces the risk of dementia.

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