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They’re all highly competitive, and you’ll need to beat the competition to win. Here’s the difference: As a digital marketer, you don’t get badges for your accomplishments, even though your success is critical to your business’ profitability and growth. So today we’re celebrating marketers’ wins by bringing you the scoop on everyday competition in the office and in digital marketing. Witness how successful marketers create winning moments and become a growth guru. Beat the Buzzer with Efficient Keyword Research Picture this: On the basketball court, Tim fights for marketers.

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His team is in the last quarter of its SEO game. very competative. Entrants are Argentina Phone Number List stepping up keyword research and analysis to drive more quality traffic faster. With Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence, Tim manages quick bounces with advanced keyword research. Just like on the field, he looks for opportunities for his team to move forward and take commercial balls from opposing players. Fortunately for Tim, the Keyword Gap feature is easily accessible from Keyword Research Tools. It shows the top keywords driving traffic to websites in Tim’s industry. A graph shows how they overlap on each site, while a list provides details on traffic from each term.

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The Similarweb Keyword Gap Tool presents the answer in the form of a Venn diagram. Similarweb List of Mobile Phone Numbers Keyword Gap Tool – Graphical View. To find opportunities, Tim jumps to Opportunities and receives a list of keywords that will only drive traffic to his competitors, but not to his business. If he includes these in his SEO strategy, more visitors will come to his website and he can gain traffic from other players in the market. Marketers export the list and share it with members of their content team so they can craft content based on unutilized keyword opportunities. He shoots, he scores! The Similarweb Keyword Gap Tool displays a detailed list of keywords.

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