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You will learn how to add special effects and sounds to your videos and prepare content for uploading to different platforms Price before discount School Motion Design Course You will learn step by step how to make animated videos installing software, thinking about scripts, creating graphics and animated objects. You’ll learn how to correct color and lighting, apply masks and filters to video, add transitions, rig and render your project. You are waiting for months of training, multiple hours of practice and 1 assignment Discounted price before Video Editing Course from Scratch Mini Training Months. You’ll review basic editing tools and techniques, and practice editing trailers, interviews, and commercials.

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The best students will be able to participate in pre-discounted prices recorded on school blog Georgia Phone Number List promotional videos Fashion Russia’s fashion market is adapting to new realities foreign brands continue to close stores, while consumers are increasingly interested in domestic designer collections. If you’ve always dreamed of launching your own brand of clothing, now is the perfect time to start a career as a fashion designer. Another option is to start building a career as a stylist, helping clients find unique style and expression in clothing. School Stylist Clothing Designer Skill Box Fashion Stylist Course Months, join fashionistas and learn about fashion history, wardrobe principles and trends.

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You will learn how to collect images for all occasions and stylish bows for List of Mobile Phone Numbers fashion shoots. During the training you will be able to have a first consultation on style and on-site work Price before discounts Fashion Designer Course Months to dive into the world of fashion and design. You’ll learn how to conceive new garments and sew them by hand or in a factory. You present your fashion collection to professional designers and the best student will receive an internship Pre-discounted price High School Stylist Image Maker Course You will learn the basics of choosing clothing colors and styles based on one’s appearance and figure rules, and learn how to make seasonal capsules.

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