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You can think of your channel’s SEO as an extension of anticipating your audience’s needs and behaviors. Use compelling action words. Chances are you’re not the only one posting a video for that keyword. Therefore, your title should arouse curiosity and be easy to understand. Do not use superlatives, avoid exaggeration and provocation. Headlines like these can quickly be seen as clickbait. If possible, add a number at the beginning. People like the clarity of numerical values. For example: a trick for managing your inbox, a way to give your dog a bath, a surprising fact about you learned. Optimized Video Description Don’t miss out on opportunities to describe your video content to search engines and viewers.

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The description is where you provide context for the title. An optimized video description Bulgaria Phone Number List can influence rankings and help get it in front of your target audience. Here’s what I’ve learned about optimizing descriptions. What keywords should you include in your description? Where? Your main keyword should appear in the first word. Depending on the length of your description, you can add keywords. Add additional keywords throughout the description text. How long should the description be? Your video description should be at least one word. limit the description to characters. That’s about words, the equivalent of a short blog post. So, don’t skimp and make this part count.

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What information did you include in the description? Focus on the value viewers List of Mobile Phone Numbers get from watching your video. For tutorials or how-to videos, tell your visitors what they can learn. If you post a product video, explain the problem your product solves, and for an informational video, describe the question the video answers. Start with a compelling introduction. This should be written as a (call to action) like an extension of the title. This part appears as a snippet in search results. What other elements can you add to your description? Screenshots on video descriptions with chapters I highly recommend using timestamps.

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