The next step is to connect

Age of your followers; Location – the most popular location of your followers; Followers/Hours – hours when your followers are most active; Followers/Days – days when your followers are most active; Reach of social media/post – an Instagram metric that determines how many people your single post reaches; Likes – the number of people who liked your posts; Comments – the number of people who commented on your posts; Saved – the number of people who saved your posts; Engagement under the post – the number of all interactions (likes, comments) generated by your post; Views – the number of views of your video material Story Views.

The number of people

The number of people who viewed your story on Instagram; Story Exits – The number of taps that cause you to exit your Instagram Story; Stories Replies – who responded to your Instagram Story; Live viewers – the number of profiles that saw whatsapp mobile number list your live on Instagram; Viewers – the total number of profiles that have seen your Instagram live at any given time. These are indicators that will help you observe and analyze the effects on Instagram. Of course, indicators should be your help – there is no point in tracking them all. Focus on those that are crucial to your business. Instagram Stats Instagram has a built-in analysis tool that will show you basic information about.

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A business profile on Instagram

The performance of your profile. To access it, it is necessary to switch to the business profile. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it! How to Iist Of Mobile Phone Numbers enable? Go to your Instagram Profile Settings . Select Account . Scrolling down you will find Switch to business profile option . your Facebook page to your Instagram profile. Select a fanpage from the list and then connect to your Instagram account. When setting up your business profile, check your information and click Done.

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