The growth of the company will pass

The Skyscraper Technique

The essence of this technique is very simple: look for content with lots of backlinks, write a better one and offer it an external link pointing to yours.

To make this strategy even more effective, put on a nice pair CIO and CTO Email Lists of multifocal glasses to hunt for the slightest smudge on the page you want to replace:

  • inaccurate or misleading statements
  • spelling and/or grammatical errors
  • poorly detailed content.

To enrich the content, provided you have the resources, you can add images, videos, infographics or diagrams.

Broken links

This technique works very well because people know how harmful broken links leading to 404 pages are, both in the eyes of readers and search engines.

To find broken links on the pages of sites or blogs you want Canadian CTO CIO Email List to backlink to, do a search with online tools like or Ahrefs’ free SEO Audit, and submit new content on the subject.

How to build backlinks with guest blogging

C Level Executive List

As stated, the backlink is a signal for search engines that follow the links to discover new content. This implies that also in this case the keyword plays its role in specifically connoting the topic in question.

It is good practice to link the keyword with which you want to position yourself, but alternating it with other combinations and with anchor text that uses synonyms.

In the first case, the eCommerce that sells typical products List of Mobile Phone Numbers offers a particular recipe to the blog. One of the recipe ingredients points to the cataloged products page in the eCommerce.

In the second, however, the post in the cooking blog publishes the interview with the nutritionist called to reveal the properties of some foods. And of course point to his site.

Since I talked about anchor text , it seems to me that the time has come to give some indications on how to write it , considering that you or someone else will write the guest post for you.

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