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Learn more about how Wonderbly succeeded here. Market research is good for ROI . Make it easy to measure and track your success Why it matters: Knowing where your business is performing well or lagging, you can set goals and direction more clearly. Benchmarks show you industry standards and map out how your competitors are doing; so you can measure relative performance. For businesses to thrive, they need to push boundaries. The benefit of using market research here is that it can show you where and how big those lines are. A PwC survey found that businesses that benchmarked increased productivity and growth by , on average 6 times faster than those that did not set benchmarks.

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There are many types of benchmarks – each of which can unlock and track Ivory Coast Phone Number List success stories in your market and gain insight into what your business success looks like. Benchmarks . Informing Market Analysis Why SWOT Matters: Another benefit of conducting market research is that it can show you any relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist among your competitors and in the market. A better understanding of these facts can help drive the right actions and clarify areas of focus for the business. Without it, your business is prone to preventable errors. With company and market research, you can find out where opportunities and threats exist in the ecosystem.

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From environmental or technical factors to internal considerations; preparedness makes List of Mobile Phone Numbers peace. What’s more, having a regular review of your SWOT against market research allows you to capitalize on new opportunities faster than others and puts you in the best position to gain a competitive advantage. Helpful: Read our complete guide to conducting an industry SWOT analysis. Inform why a content marketing strategy matters: The importance of having an effective, relevant, and successful content marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized these days. According to the Competitive Intelligence Survey, companies have an average of competitors. So no matter what industry you’re in, in the digital world the competition is constant whether it’s for better online visibility, higher clickthrough rates or higher engagement. So, how can market research benefit a business? How can you stand out and be discovered online? Content marketing of course.

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