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Interest in the world of podcasts is on

The rise. From the point of view of the offer, there is a lot of content available for all tastes, in order to reach every slice of the public and cover every topic. The diffusion of podcasts is probably due to the fact that they are contents that can be used even while doing something else, they do not require exclusive attention. In fact, many people listen to their favorite podcast while doing household chores, on their way to the office or while enjoying their holidays under an umbrella. In this article we want to tell you about our ranking dedicated to the best podcasts that talk about Marketing, Digital and Communication. 

The main streaming platforms such as Spotify or Google Podcasts turn out to be a real jungle of content, and it can be difficult to make a choice. There are podcasts where experts talk about Chairman Email List communication from multiple points of view, such as podcasts where industry professionals and creatives talk about creativity through practical examples. Another important variable to consider is the  language , certainly the contents in English are still the masters , but even here in Italy we are trying our hardest! To you the choice.

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Hacking Creativity Podcasts

The first podcast we want to point out is Hacking Creativity podcast. Here we deal with topics ranging from journalism to publishing. In each episode it is possible to discover new interesting List of Mobile Phone Numbers guests and  insights on topics related to the world of entrepreneurship , with particular attention to the world of social networks, book suggestions and even places to visit to expand your knowledge.

It is a reference podcast for those who work in the world of creativity and want to find new ideas and stimulated ideas. you will find the link with all the info. Haking Creativity is a point of reference for understanding creativity and getting to know new models and tools to be ever more original.

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