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Follow the eight steps below to download the cheat sheet for your reference. Steps to creating a successful video marketing strategy. How to Develop a Successful Video Marketing Strategy Any marketing strategy should begin with target audience and competitive market analysis. The same goes for your video marketing strategy. Here’s the good news; video is often a part of content marketing, so you might not have to start from scratch. If you already have a content marketing strategy in place, video marketing is an enhancement. You can incorporate video marketing strategies into your content marketing efforts. Start by examining how audiences consume video content, and how competitors are incorporating video into their digital marketing strategies.

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Step One – Analyze the Competition See what your competitors do and New Zealand Phone Numbers List what works for them. This tells you where you need to go and how you can stand out. Ask these questions: What type of video are they using? At what stage are they effective Which goal are they pursuing? Awareness, authority, attention, product direction, credibility, engagement? Which channel are they using? What are their video quality standards? What is their video style? How often do they post video content? How do they combine video with other content? Follow our guide for a complete YouTube competitive analysis. Screenshot of Similarweb Social Overview Step – Know Your Audience In your competitive analysis, you will also investigate audience demographics and behavior. Compare your competitor’s audience to your target audience. Then dig into engagement metrics.

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Find out how YouTube’s acquisition funnel is performing against List of Mobile Phone Numbers competitors with similar audiences. Examine the type and level of engagement and audience loyalty. According to Statista, nearly 100 of YouTube users are men, compared to 100 women there are currently no data for other genders. The most active age group on Youtube is between 1 and 2 years old. Similar web stats on streaming sites often show similar numbers. for men and for women. Screenshot of age and gender distribution statistics This shows that viewers are the most affected by the video. Of course, percentages may vary by industry, product type, or video content type. So examine your audience so you know who you need to reach and how to increase engagement.

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