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Onsite Engagement Metrics You should benchmark three key website metrics to measure your visitors’ onsite experience and website engagement: Average session duration: A longer session duration means your visitors are engaged and active in your spend more time on the site. Average Pages per Visit: The higher the number, the more content your visitor viewed on your site. Average Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors who enter a website and then leave after viewing only one page. A low bounce rate means your content is relevant to your visitors. Below are user experience benchmarks for financial services websites globally and in the US and UK MM-MM. World Top Category Sites, All Traffic Monthly Visits – 100 Million Average Visit Duration – Minutes Average Pages Per Visit  Average Bounce Rate.

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US Category Current Sites, All Traffic Monthly Visits – 100 Million Belarus Phone Number List Average Visit Time – Average pages per visit per minute – . Average bounce rate – . UK Top sites in this category, all traffic Monthly visits  . Billion Average visit duration – Average pages per visit per second – . Average bounce Rate –. Top 10 Financial Websites Which websites are grabbing the top 10 in the world? Paypal Coinmarketcap Tradingview Chase Intuit Investing Wells Fargo Bankofamerica Binance Paypal is the world’s most popular financial services website, accounting for . of global traffic share, yr to The monthly visits for the month and year are  billion.

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There are an estimated 1.0 billion active registered PayPal accounts worldwide in List of Mobile Phone Numbers the first quarter of 2019 Month to Mar. PayPal also topped the list of the most popular financial websites in the United States with . The next two sites on our global list are coinmarketcap. com and tradingview. The traffic shares of these two websites are both , with monthly visits of 1.0 billion and .1 billion respectively. Here’s a snapshot of how the top financial services sites are doing compared to industry benchmarks: Paypal wins across the board in terms of monthly visits, reaching . 000 million. Intuit had the longest average visit duration at sub-seconds, just over four minutes longer than the industry standard. Wellsfargo had the highest Pages per Visit of , beating the industry average of.

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