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Adrian Imms, Head of Digital Content Digital and Creative Media, University of Sussex So basically Adrian gave a great talk on how to deal with people ok , just like me. As a self-proclaimed content hoarder, I can attest to how hard it is to let go of old organic traffic, even if it only gets a few clicks per month and doesn’t align with your current content strategy. In his talk, Adrian explains how people become content hoarders, why it’s bad for business and how to stop it. The gist – we at Similarweb actually learned this lesson about a year ago when we analyzed our own blog and deleted about a dozen old blog posts.

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Doing so has really helped us develop our SEO plans more accurately, focus on the right Honduras Phone Number List topics, get new ideas, and set the course for a brighter future with our blog. . Low search volume? Find the right KPIs! Topic: Low Search Volume Hidden Gems Speaker: Liraz Postan, International BB SEO and Content Consultant In her talk, Liraz discusses the true potential of low search volume, long tail keywords, and why we sometimes need to stop focusing on high search quantity. The real problem comes when we want to fetch resources. When asking writers, editors, purchasing images, and budgets for the working hours of each, we might have these questions: What is the search volume.

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How much traffic will we get? Website traffic is very important to someone like a CMO – they want BT Leads  to increase brand awareness and exposure. You’re still putting in the same amount of content work, so why should you have to use the keyword with the least monthly searches? When you’re dealing with low search volume, you need to find the right KPIs, claims Liraz. Some examples she gives: Newly Launched Products – Obviously, these products have low search volume when they launch, but this is your opportunity to write new content about them so they can rank more easily.

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