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This way, you can test the performance of various channels instead of limiting yourself. Measure performance, maintain benchmarks, and analyze optimizations. Optimizing video content is not that simple. You can’t just change a few words in the script or insert a scene etc. That’s why it’s imperative to test and learn what works so you can repeat it. Types of Marketing Videos Where do types of marketing videos start? The list of video types is long and will get longer as you read this article. For the purposes of this article, we’ll keep it simple and break it into three categories.

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Commercial Videos Use video directly to sell; drive potential customers to make a Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers List buying decision. Commercial videos are mainly video advertisements and promotional videos. This includes paid video advertising and other forms of video advertising. In the fourth quarter of 2019, YouTube generated . dollars of advertising revenue. This is a increase year-over-year. Informational videos educate and inform, building authority and awareness to engage target audiences. Informational videos are how-to videos, Q&A videos, explainer videos, etc. These are very common components of content marketing and apply to blogs, websites, and some social media. Research by Hootsuite claims that one in three internet users watched a tutorial or how-to video this week. Entertainment videos offer something fun to amplify your reach, fuel curiosity and foster loyalty.

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Entertainment video is a relatively new thing that seems to have conquered the List of Mobile Phone Numbers entire video marketing landscape — or at least social media. You know what we’re talking about: short videos with cute cat images, funny situations, impressions, jokes, you’ll see them. Often the clips carry a different message, and sometimes they just make you smile. Entertainment videos also include footage of internal events, company gyms or sneak peeks at new office spaces. Here are some more numbers from the Hootsuite report to help you get a handle on the range: YouTube Shorts gets 100 million views per day. By the way, of YouTube users are also on other social media platforms.

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