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Knowlge is power, as they say – and with the treasure trove of knowlge you can tap from competitive monitoring, you have the potential to be the strongest competitor in your industry. Use the Similarweb Competitive Intelligence Analysis tool to see what insights you can gain and how you can stand out from the competition. When you’re developing your company’s content marketing strategy, you probably know who your competitors are, but do you know who your content competitors are? Let us explain. Your product’s competitors are not necessarily your content’s competitors. Let’s take the example of the Lakers, one of the top basketball teams in the NBA.

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Who are the Lakers’ competitors? Definitely the Celtics and Knicks. But are these Cyprus Phone Number List teams competing on content? No, it’s more likely that the Lakers’ content competitors are the popular TV shows that air alongside the games, or even other live events vying for fan engagement. The Lakers’ “Product” Competitors vs. Content Competitors This also applies to content marketing. You might have a similar product to another company, but your content might put you in a different league. Or, your content may compete with content written by a company that has a different product than yours. When developing a content strategy, it’s important to understand who your content competitors are and how to get an ge on them. What is Competitive Content Analysis? Competitive content analysis is the process of understanding and evaluating your competitors’ content strategies. What the hell does this mean.

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Check out their message, tone, and structure, and dig into their blogs, social mia, and any List of Mobile Phone Numbers other type of content they write. You’ll discover their top performers, their weak spots, and opportunities for you to excel. Who are the content competitors? Let’s say your company sells nutritional supplements. Your direct competitors will be other companies selling nutritional supplements. Your indirect competitors may be other brands or aggregators selling other types of food additives. Your alternative competitors may. Be organic food sellers who promise the same health benefits as nutritional supplements. Likewise, you may have direct competitors posting the same type of content as you. Indirect competitors in your industry posting different content, and replacement competitors’ content responding to the same nes as you, but with a different purpose.

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