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Let them teach you In markets with more specific target audiences, you need to narrow down the competition and identify the most successful brands. Let’s look at some ways to learn from related competitors. You want to understand the important role YouTube advertising plays in their marketing mix as a traffic driver. Screenshot of the social traffic graph on Similarweb. In this example, it’s clear where ketocycle’s focus is: Facebook is by far the biggest driver of traffic. The same goes for Nutrisystem. Both rely on social platforms rather than video marketing. Noom’s strategy is different. Most of the site’s social traffic comes from YouTube, but Facebook is not far behind, and Reddit also has some visitors.

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With Similarweb you can easily find competitor videos, including information Ecuador Phone Number List during events. Watch and analyze the videos to learn what makes them successful. to noom. com Video Ads That Send Traffic Strengthen Your Keyword Strategy Use the Similarweb Keyword Generator for YouTube Keywords to determine which terms drive the most traffic. See search volume and trends for related keywords, including actual clicks. Compare how your competitors perform under different conditions. Create your own custom audience based on what other people are successfully using keywords for. For example, you can base your custom audience on non-brand keywords that drive traffic to your competitors or even your competitors’ competitors. Read more about how Noom competitors do it here.

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Understanding the thinking behind your competitors is about using their List of Mobile Phone Numbers experience and methods to improve your performance. You Can’t Beat Your YouTube Competitors Without Data We show you some tips for collecting and analyzing digital marketing data. Now it’s your turn to hit the treadmill and exercise the power of video marketing. Use data wisely to develop your marketing strategy. If you’re not on YouTube, you should be, because that’s where the competition is. If you have a YouTube channel, make sure it’s optimized for your audience’s expectations. Do you know what your audience expects? Do you know who your main competitors are and why they are successful? Similarweb competitive marketing intelligence gives you the data to provide the answers. Start a free demo to see for yourself.

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