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You’ll check who the successful competitors work with. Affiliates are not exclusive – some of the best affiliates work with the biggest competing brands in the industry. You don’t ne to be an analytical genius to spot the best affiliates in your industry or niche. Camping Industry Affiliate Leader Screenshot Industry Affiliate List Showing Popular Affiliate Sites in the Industry and Their Details With a little affiliate research anyone can find out who your affiliate partners are, which ones bring in the most traffic, and how. Let’s say you’re reicom, the leader in outdoor and activewear.

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An aspiring new brand in the industry developing smart clothing for Brazil Mobile Number List mountain bikers can get your full list of affiliates with just a few clicks. They can instantly understand what type of affiliate you like and why, as they can analyze in detail how each of your affiliates is performing. If they use Similarweb, they identify channels and keywords that generate traffic, dig into engagement statistics, and discover which social mia platforms are most successful. Ambitious entrepreneurs can discover which of the most valuable affiliate sites are relevant to their product type. What’s stopping them from offering a slightly better deal to that affiliate? Screenshot of reicom affiliates Affiliates drive traffic to reicom, includes industry and traffic information to help you relevancy Screenshots of Affiliate Activity This view shows which other sites affiliates work with. Establish competitors have an easier time doing it.

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They can directly compare their affiliate activity to yours. Arm with List of Mobile Phone Numbers this knowlge, they could seriously challenge your lead. Such as Backcountry. Competitors like com will find more affiliate opportunities and affiliate. Marketers who will drive more traffic to your site than theirs. This allows them to identify gaps in their affiliate partnerships and affiliate marketing strategies. It’s the perfect starting point for developing new affiliate partnerships and optimizing existing ones. Reviewing affiliate programs with underperforming sites, and expanding partnerships with high-performing sites. Screenshot of Competitive Affiliate Comparison comparing the share of traffic competitors get from the same affiliate. DEFEND YOUR SUPERIOR The road to the top of the competition is tough.

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