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We’ll walk you through how and where to add tags. If you know this, please skip the following paragraphs and skip to the next section. How to Add Tags to YouTube Videos in Three Steps In YouTube Studio, the tagging options are hidden behind the words “Show more.” Once you click here, some advanced settings will open, including Add Tags. You can enter any number of tags as long as they do not exceed characters – That’s a lot already. For comparison, you have read characters in this paragraph so far. Tags can be whole phrases and you can separate them with commas without tags or any other symbols.

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STEP – Upload your video to YouTube Studio. Screenshot of YouTube Studio Malaysia Phone Number List Video Upload Click “Create” to Upload Video Step 1 – Scroll down and click “Show More”. Youtube studio screenshot, place to add tags. Tabs are not so easy to find. This is what it looks like when scrolling down. Step 4 – Add any number of tags in the Tags field. Add tags when uploading videos to YouTube Scroll down a bit more until you reach the tagging option. Now you know how to do it – it’s easy. Let’s move on to what and why. How important are YouTube tags in videos? To understand the importance of tags for YouTube SEO, we need to take a look at YouTube’s ranking factors. Here is a list. It includes technical parameters such as video quality and video length.

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Audience behavioral factors such as number of channel subscribers, actual views, engagement metrics, etc. are also factored into the calculation. However, before ranking your video, YouTube needs to determine what your video is about. Since it cannot access video content itself, YouTube needs text that its algorithms can crawl. You can see what this leads to: where there is text on the web, there are keywords. YouTube looks at the title, description, and—you guessed it—video tags. Relevance of YouTube ranking factors.

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