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Some marketing funnel models have only three steps; others have as many as seven. Other models don’t end with conversions — progressing to stages like “loyalty,” “retention,” and “advocacy” — while another redefines the funnel as an hourglass, splitting the journey into prepurchase and postpurchase Process. Our favorite model, though, is very close to the funnel’s AIDA predecessor. It divides the archetypal customer journey into four prepurchase stages (top, middle, and bottom of the funnel and a postpurchase stage (retention.

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What do the stages of the marketing funnel mean? Now, let’s turn the theory of the Ghana Phone Number List marketing funnel into a reallife example. Summer Sandals and SEO Success A Marketing Funnel Case Study You own a store of, let’s say…kids clothing. It’s the height of summer, and it’s natural for parents to shop for lightweight clothing for their little ones. potential customers type “best summer fabrics for kids” into Google. Guess who’s on the first page? You, thank you for your superb SEO strategy! (One of these might be information from Similarweb’s suite of keyword research and analysis tools. Of the first people, click through to your site (awareness. Of these, sign up to your mailing list (interest.

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Then, half of the group chooses an item (desire and then takes a chance and buys a List of Mobile Phone Numbers piece of clothing from you (whoa! action. From initial google search to checkout, numbers go from drops. And, while purchases may sound low, it still represents a conversion rate of of your initial batch of leads. good! Remember, the strength of the marketing funnel is also its ability to identify “holes” along with your website’s key metrics. For example, in the above case, your website may generate a lot of visits (traffic. However, the number of people who subsequently sign up for your mailing list is likely to be very small. In this case, the problem could be your website not inspiring confidence, or the process of signing up for the mailing list itself (ie. the form is hidden, too difficult to fill out, or – worse – a broken CTA button.

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