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Why does it work? A conversionoptimized landing page is critical to the success of your affiliate program, as reputable affiliate marketers will check your affiliate program’s conversion rate before applying. When considering an affiliate program (other than a commission structure, the first thing they check is the landing page they will be sending traffic to. If it’s optimized for conversions, they know they’ll earn more commission. How can you replicate it? When developing an affiliate program, let a professional conversion optimization specialistOptimize your landing pages and test them for various marketing campaigns.

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Make sure they convert above the industry average so you can use them to attract the Kenya Phone Number List best affiliates in your industry. . Find affiliates with competitor analysis Marketing your brand to affiliate marketers who are already promoting your top competitors is the fastest way to grow your affiliate base. what is it? When you’re hiring for your marketing plan, find affiliates who work for your best competitors and ask them to promote your brand as well. Why does it work? Affiliate marketers promoting your top competitors are already familiar with your industry and have a proven track record of successfully driving sales. They also maintain an active connection with your target audience as they promote different products on a regular basis. Plus, they’re highquality affiliates because your top competitors have already vetted their credentials.

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Therefore, they are ideal marketers for your affiliate program. How can you replicate it? There are List of Mobile Phone Numbers several ways you can find affiliate marketers for your competitors. Search Google for competitor product reviews to find the sites that most positively review and promote their products. Use SimilarWeb’s affiliate research tool to quickly find the sites that are driving the most affiliate traffic to your competitors. Using this option, you can see which affiliates are driving traffic, where they are driving traffic, the keywords the affiliates are targeting, the share of traffic they are winning, and other key details for developing a datadriven strategy. Once you have identified and listed some potential options, provide an offer outlining the advantages of promoting your brand and invite them to work with you.

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