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The hairdresser knows how to think visually and predict the result, he also chooses the colors and hairstyles correctly, making people more beautiful and happier; You make your own work schedule Of course, this option is only possible if you work for yourself You decide how many clients to accept and when. You can set your own weekends and holidays, and plan your time however you want. The hairdresser’s Monday and Friday meeting report is nothing short of fantasy. We asked a seasoned expert, a master colorist, why being a hairdresser is still worth learning.

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Anastasia Pechenkina Anastasia Pechenkina Private Color Master, I have been a US Mobile Phone Numbers hairdresser since I was a year old, and I have a total experience of more than 20 years. I believe that everyone should mind their own affairs. My profession is a hairdresser and I don’t regret my choice. This career is not only in demand, but also fun. I’ve been in great shape and looking in different directions, I keep an eye on fashion trends as the beauty industry is always changing. Hairdressers are needed in any crisis, and there have been several of them in the years of my practice, and I have never been without a job. There are so many advantages to my work and I get insane joy from the results my clients receive.

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I see them getting happier and it inspires me. A master can develop in different List of Mobile Phone Numbers directions. Now most hairdressers only do one thing, and there are almost no generalists. The word is basically used. My specialty is color and I love painting, but you can focus on haircuts, hair care, hairstyles, etc. Try picking a direction that’s close to you Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE TO THE BEST COURSES FOR HAIRDRESSERS.

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