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Here’s how to calculate impression share: Impression share impressions / total eligible impressions. How about an example? An impression share means that Google isn’t showing your ad to of the people you might reach. This means that these users are seeing ads from your competitors. Impression share gives you insight into ad performance and helps you understand whether your ad is reaching your target audience the way you want it to and whether it has potential. For instance, It’s not a specific KPI, so the goal is to know you have traction, not to hit . So, how do you increase your Google Ads impression share? Here are some of the best ways to do it.

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How to Increase Impression Share To increase your impression rate, you first ne to Nepal Phone Number List understand what is limiting your impressions and why. Then, after diagnosing the problem, you can use one (or a few of. For instance, the following methods to improve your impression rate. . Analyze your competitors What is it? Thousands of brands in all industries use Google Ads. By analyzing your competitors’ ads, you can find what works for them, steal some inspiration, and tweak your ads to increase your share of impressions. Why does it work? Ad quality is one of the key factors in determining share of ad impressions.

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PPC Competitor Analysis allows you to learn from the highest quality ads and List of Mobile Phone Numbers use their proven formula to improve your ad quality rating. The higher your Quality Score, the more impressions you’ll receive. How can you replicate it? You can manually search Google for your target keywords and analyze your competitors’ advertising channels. Alternatively, you can make your life a little easier and your data more accurate with Similarweb’s Digital Marketing Intelligence tool. which shows you. Top performing competitors Advertise for their target keywords Their target audience. Their Ad creatives Their ad budget These valuable insights can help you determine what to optimize and how to tailor your Google ads for best results.

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