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Here it is: My suggestion? Deliver the greatest value in the shortest amount of time. You need to keep your audience engaged for as long as possible. If someone quits a webinar video after two minutes, that’s not great engagement. But if they watch two segments of your twoandahalf minute ad, great. Other Important Questions . Does the video filename matter? Yes. YouTube checks to see if the filename is relevant to the subject and main keyword. The best way to do this is to include your main keyword in the video filename. This way, there is no room for confusion.

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How important is a thumbnail in a video? Thumbnails are less important for YouTube Philippines Phone Number List SEO, but they are at least as important as titles for attracting viewers. Thumbnails draw attention and can give a message. Often, the final decision on whether to watch a video is inspired by an alluring thumbnail. Spend some time choosing the best frame and even using software to design a unique thumbnail. Screenshot of YouTube thumbnail example . Where to share the video? Once you publish your video, you can share and promote it anywhere, from social media to email marketing. Embedding videos in blog posts seems to work especially well.

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What about playlists? Playlists help keep people on your channel and keep them List of Mobile Phone Numbers watching multiple videos. This can help increase watch time, so creating a playlist of videos with related topics can be helpful. . Should you include an end screen? End screens can help increase engagement, so yes, they are a great addition. This is a great place to place or repeat your CTA and show viewers different ways to engage with you or get more of what they love from your videos. Use this to showcase and allow people to hit the subscribe button Next video in a playlist Another video channel you want to promote External website Example screenshot of the end screen.

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