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Event Video Examples Most videos are not standalone, but part of an event. Video can be the centerpiece of a campaign that includes a variety of content assets. A campaign can also consist of a series of related videos promoting the same message or product. . Similarweb Moment of Victory This example is one of six videos that belong to the same campaign. Each video promotes a solution pack from the Similarweb platform and features a different campaign. The heroes and traits used are relevant to a specific target audience.

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Why does it work? Similarweb specializes in competitor intelligence to help clients win Ukraine Phone Number List the competition. sports representA highly competitive business environment. Showing users as athletes can turn them into heroes with the help of Similarweb. . Nike Marty McFly’s Wardrobe Some campaigns are stories that start with teaser videos, the sole purpose of which is to spark curiosity. Additional clips provide more information. What makes it great? This video is purely association based. The shoes and music are taken from the iconic science fiction series Back to the Future. Nike has been associated with a hugely popular movie character and hero. By doing so, the brand creates an emotional bridge between heroes, people’s dreams and the brand. BB Video Marketing Example.

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Cisco Trusted Access Explainer Video BB marketing videos focus on facts and List of Mobile Phone Numbers figures rather than emotion. At the end of the day, though, people make decisions. This is a great example of a BB explainer video for a SaaS product. It introduces and explains the features and benefits of Cisco security solutions and targets human decision makers. Why does it work? Videos illustrate explanations using professional but simple language and animations. It is structured to showcase challenges, solutions, benefits and capabilities. All of these illustrate business needs and rational decisions. Note, though, that it’s fascinating first before getting into the technical details.

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