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We took immediate action by launching initiatives such as booking by phone, Whatsapp and Facebook. “Click and collect” (i.e. order online and pick up in store) is very popular. We are now evaluating reducing the transit time from the central warehouse so that after the order is placed Products ready for pickup within two hours.” Communication Transparency is the foundation of every relationship between a brand and its customers July 10, 2021 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Interest Telegram Email Share Brand; keywords and base values. 2020 has been a year of change and rethinking in communication, but more than that, we now understand it, even very clearly. At first, facing something that you have never faced before.

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Inspiration for the future. As you know, L’Eco della Stampa did so at the event “20 ’21 ’22 The present and future of business communication” organized with Digital Rebirth. He assembled a group of business communicators to take stock of the future of digital communications. And identify the keywords that will Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists guide the company in the coming years. Among the many keywords, the word “transparency” has decidedly dominated. Because if there is transparency in every relationship and between the brand and the customer, then that relationship will work well. Transparency; Branding; Communication What does transparency mean? Transparency is not an entirely new concept in the world of communications and marketing. We’ve heard it many times, and usually associate it with very specific domains.

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Products and services, we want transparency in describing the features, functions or methods of purchasing and providing them. For example, if a product is food grade, we want transparency List of Mobile Phone Numbers on the origin and traceability of raw materials. We often hear about transparency in the institutional realm, and another magic word for that realm: simplification. But when we talk about transparency in relation to companies and brands, what exactly are we referring to? In fact, things are pretty simple and inherent to any self-respecting good communication. We mean the authenticity of what companies and brands say and do to their customers. What does it mean to communicate brand transparency.

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