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Affiliate engagement scores for online popular sneaker brands versus competitor affiliates. New and Trending Now it’s nice to know how your competitors’ affiliate programs are doing, but the point of this analysis is to find affiliate opportunities for yourself. A great way to spot opportunities is to look at newly discovered or trending affiliates. New Finds: These are brand new affiliates that didn’t appear in the last month. These could be very high potential partners who are just starting their affiliate program and may be eager to stand out. They may be looking for sites like yours to send traffic to! Trend: These affiliates have recently experienced a surge in the traffic they send to merchants.

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They may also be potential partners looking to improve their affiliate activities. It’s a good idea to Switzerland Phone Numbers List work with these popular affiliates early on because if they keep growing, so will you! Competitor affiliates of new finds and trending sites for popular sneaker brands online. Spotting Opportunities That’s what your affiliate competitor analysis is all about. With so many affiliates out there, you want to find the right one that will give you the opportunity to improve. Fortunately, Similarweb offers several ways to analyze competing traffic from affiliates. Competitor affiliate of popular sneaker brand online competitive traffic filter. Here you can filter affiliates for key insights: Referral Opportunities: See affiliates who are sending traffic to your competitors instead of you. These could be great potential partners through whom you can divert some of their referral traffic.

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Referral Wins: See where you get the most traffic compared to your competitors. You want to List of Mobile Phone Numbers make sure you maintain strong relationships with these affiliates so you don’t lose traffic to competitors. Competitive Referrals: See affiliates sending traffic to all competitors’ sites and yours. The competition here is fierce, so keep an eye on the pulse to make sure you don’t start losing referral share. Referral Loss: See affiliates you’re looking for, but your competitors are getting more traffic from. But instead of cutting your losses, here’s an analysis of why you’re losing to your competition and see if you can improve by changing your text, call-to-action, or anything else that might affect your traffic.

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