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The same goes for video content. Find out which search terms viewers use to get to the video content you’re considering. See which search terms are driving traffic to relevant competitor videos. These are keywords to include in your video SEO. Use our YourTube Keyword Generator and Keyword Research Tool to simplify this process. Screenshot of Similarweb YouTube Keyword Generator results for “purses.” Discover other keywords your audience uses to find the type of content you offer in your marketing video campaigns. Make sure to use SEO best practices for video marketing. This means spending some time doing keyword research to identify the most valuable terms.

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Each video campaign and its associated campaign assets require a focus keyword. Include focus Romania Phone Number List keywords in video titles and descriptions. You can also add YouTube tags with additional keywords if this is the platform you use. For social media, use the same keywords in your hashtags to ensure consistency of keywords throughout your campaign. But keyword research can do so much more. Identifying the terms most searched by viewers can point you in the right direction on the topic of your video content. Make sure to identify search intent to meet expectations.

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Deliver value Your video needs to answer the searcher’s query. However, there are List of Mobile Phone Numbers many ways your target audience can access your video content, not always based on different queries. Make sure to offer something insightful for your target audience. Viewers need to feel that they got something out of watching your video. So, you need to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, inspiration, hope, or whatever drives them to watch your videos. Take this successful Android marketing video campaign as an example. It’s not selling technology. What is sold is feelings and the value of friendship. Well, it’s not always about emotion. Video ad campaigns like the one above are often aimed at creating brand image and establishing authority. The purpose of your video is usually product promotion, and emotional engagement is less important, especially in a BB environment.

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