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KNOW YOUR MESSAGE As with any type of presentation, it’s important to communicate your message clearly throughout the story. You don’t tell a story for entertainment value, you want to leave an impact. Before planning your presentation, ask yourself, what is the important message you want to convey to your target audience? Keep the story focus and don’t get distract by unnecessary details. . Tap into Emotion Emotion is an important part of effective storytelling. Tapping into the emotions of your audience will mean they are more likely to be mov to action.

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Think of those harrowing ads about neglect puppies that prompt you to Iceland Phone Number List donate to charity. Whether you’re trying to get your audience to sign up for a service, invest in your idea, or something else, if they feel motivat by a certain emotion, they’re more likely to do so. One of the most effective ways to tap into the emotions of your audience is to use metaphors and analogies. These are handy devices that draw your audience into your story and encourage them to invest emotionally.  Make it relevant Make sure the story is relevant to your customers. Relevance is critical if you want to engage with your audience and tap into their emotions. When I watch a movie or read a book, if there is a character or a story that I relate to, I will continue to think about it after it is over and recommend it to a friend. think about it.

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What movie or book are you really interest in? People are less attract to stories that List of Mobile Phone Numbers are far remov from their own interests, values ​​or experiences. Know your audience and tell stories using characters and settings that you know they can visualize and relate to. Likewise, your story should relate to the rest of your presentation. Telling a story that has nothing to do with your topic will not engage your audience—instead, it will backfire. Use storytelling only when it’s relevant to your audience and your presentation.  Use data to make your story compelling Storytelling and data are not mutually exclusive.

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