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It should contain the most relevant keywords for your product. Don’t be smart! If you’re selling a smartphone case, call it a smartphone case. Seller Name: Who are you selling this product? If you specialize in one product, include relevant keywords in your seller name. Maybe you call yourself a smartphone accessory guru. Product Description: Try to include important keywords that everyone is likely to be looking for. If you’re selling a sparkly smartphone case with a unicorn on it, use all those words! Amazon loves details and scans every letter. Product Features: Just like your description, product features help Amazon and potential buyers understand your product.

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Here, you can highlight important features that people might be looking for—for example, whether Azerbaijan Phone Number List your case is lightweight or sturdy. Brand Name: Are you selling a well-known brand? This is especially important since people may be searching for a specific brand. Let’s say your smartphone case is made by Spigen, one of the top case manufacturers. Adding Spigen case as a keyword can help your Amazon SEO. Backend Keywords: Your backend keywords are not visible in your listings, but Amazon will see and scan them. Make sure these keywords are consistent with what’s on your page. This is not a space for keyword stuffing! Performance Factor While it’s great to have all your keywords in the right place.

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Amazon’s goal is sales! The algorithm is designed to understand how likely a click is List of Mobile Phone Numbers to lead to a sale, which means performance is just as important as keywords. CTR: How did your product listing perform when it appeared in previous searches? Are people clicking? Continue to slide down? If someone clicks on your product after conducting a search, Amazon is more likely to serve your page again for the same search term. Conversion rate: Getting clicks is one thing, but getting sales is even better. If your page has a high conversion rate for a particular search term, Amazon will continue to offer it as a search result.

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