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This recommendation also gave us a nice transition to reveal Discovery as a solution, later in the ad. We also “scrapbook” it as a transition element that might be used in advertising: Transition to Solution. .Age-related stories “I can’t lose weight because I’m [X] years old” seem to be a common objection. To tackle this problem from the start, we reached out to a few longtime Found users and used their recommendations to create a thread: Threads – Age-Related Stories. . Postpartum Weight Loss Here we take one of Found’s many post pregnancy weight loss success stories to address this common situation: Leads – Post Pregnancy Weight Loss. Why Found Is Different From Other Weight Loss Methods.

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Here, we address the solution awareness part of our audience by highlighting some Greece Phone Number List reviews where people explain why Found is different from many other weight loss methods they have tried. Lead – Why Found is different from other weight loss methods. . Teasing out and eliminating common alternatives Here we target a more solution-savvy audience with a two-part guide: Gain attention by making fun of the amazing results pounds lost and then by explaining what Found isn’t Cultivate Curiosity Lead – Teases and eliminates common alternatives. Where do we get these generic solutions? They come from Similarweb’s data on some of Noom’s highest volume non-branded search terms.

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The amount of these terms suggests that they drive high-intent traffic to Noom, so we’ll be using List of Mobile Phone Numbers the same terms in our ads here to arouse more curiosity about what Found really is and why it works so well. OK! We now have six leads to test. That’s easy, right? Now onto the body of the YouTube ad: Creating the body text and CTA Now that we’ve got our audience’s attention with these amazing results and stories, they’ll want to know why Found is different and why it works so well. How will we do this? Again, we’re just going to repurpose a lot of the amazing information that Found already uses on their site.

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