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Animated Video Example . Airbnb – What is Airbnb? Animated videos can be simple, but as this example shows, they don’t have to be. Sophisticated animations can make for stunning promotional videos or commercials. Why does it work? The video takes you on a journey through a possible dream vacation spot with dreamy scenarios as the backdrop. Each location has been carefully designed to showcase a rich experience. The video takes risks in a fun way without any risk or danger. Viewers feel the security of home while traveling through the fantasy world. It’s a winning combination. . Paypal – People Rule (TV commercial Combining animated video with real people can sometimes add credibility.

Video and graphics

A person is more relatable, and the audience can put themselves in their shoes. Animated Singapore Phone Number List characters, on the other hand, are better suited to exaggerating specific behaviors, skills, or traits. Why does it work? The woman in the video represents a simple shopper, and the animation represents the confusion caused by the complex payment process. The message of the video is clear and everything is designed to convey that message without elaborate explanations. Interview video examples Glimpses behind the scenes and the company’s history or culture create empathy. When a brand introduces an actual employee or company founder, the target audience feels a connection. . Hubspot – About Us with Dhamresh Shah Why does it work? Hubspot is a technology company. This video is not about that at all. It shows two main aspects why the company does what it does and how the business benefits from it.

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Technical side of video production

The script reveals the philosophy behind creating Hubspot, shows the insiders, and then List of Mobile Phone Numbers turns to show the impact. You learn that there are people with values ​​and feelings behind the technology. Aldi My favorite part of the workday In this marketing video example, Aldi shows a testimonial in which one of its thousands of employees tells her success story. The goal is basically the same to create a sense of human connection. Why is this unique? Typically, testimonials are provided by clients. Featuring an employee shows another side of the large supermarket chain and adds character. Amanda is introduced by her personal first name and appears as a friendly grocer at the roadside store.

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