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This is a course for certifi barbers. You can add documents to your portfolio, as well as photos of your first work done as part of your training. itor’s Choice The best course for creating trendy hair and makeup for beginners The best course for beginners in creating trendy hair and makeup Get About the course During the 1-month course, you’ll create full-flg evening and wding images and learn how to independently select and Who is suitable for doing hair and makeup. Novice hairdressers, makeup artists and those who want to create a stylish look for themselves. What will you learn. You will learn classic, modern and author makeup techniques and create looks using current techniques while respecting the hair.

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You will be able to create images in which styling and makeup are harmoniously Northeast Mobile Phone Number List combin. You’ll learn how to style hair and makeup according to your client’s wishes and come up with your own bright ideas. You’ll learn how to enhance your clients’ beauty through makeup and styling, and learn how to work with models, makeup artists and stylists. result. You will create a graduation project, present it to your teacher, get feback and add photos of your work to your portfolio. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate and be able to find a job in a salon or continue your development as a personal master. bonus. You can purchase the course in three monthly installments after the start of the training. After completing three practical tasks, you will be grant free access to the English learning platform.

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Itor’s Choice Best Courses for Trainee Hairdressers Best. Courses for List of Mobile Phone Numbers Beginners as.  Trainee Hairdresser About Courses Courses last up to months. During this time, you’ll learn how to create men’s and women’s hairstyles and. How to do intricate coloring who is suitable. Beginners and experienc hairdressers. What will you learn. You’ll learn the basics of women’s haircuts and learn to color your hair in tones. Intensely tone it, apply it to gray hair and create a beautiful natural blonde. You’ll master the techniques of ombrés, and shading, and learn how to use scissors and clippers to cut men’s hairstyles.

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