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How to do storytelling marketing?

There is no doubt thas one of the essential tools for an effective digital marketing strategy . This communication technique makes it possible to attract the consumer’s attention thanks, in fact, to narratives capable of entertaining him and bringing him closer to the brand. Going beyond traditional marketing, it offers the possibility of adopting  . It is able to leverage the emotions of the public and to create an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand.

First you need to identify a target audience , i.e. the audience you intend to address. You must be clear what you want to tell, with what objectives and in what way. Focus on what your target’s VP Administration Email Lists interests and aspirations are. Identify the most suitable tone and content to reduce the distance, involve him and align with his emotions. Don’t forget that authenticity is an important factor in storytelling marketing. The more sincere and real your story is, the more it will be able to win the trust of your audience.

Now choose the tool you want to use for your story. For example, for digital storytelling marketing , you need to identify which digital tools are best suited for your storytelling and your audience. Social media, blogs, websites and all digital channels have particularities that make them more or less suitable for specific topics and methods of communication, and for a specific audience. Then you need to identify the medium or mediums that are most suitable for your message, your goals and your audience.

Sentiment analysis

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For an effective storytelling marketing strategy you must also monitor likes, shares, insights and all the data useful for understanding what your target thinks of you and what they are really looking for. In particular, you need to know how your brand and your competitors talk about it, and what people think about it, for example using  . Also  List of Mobile Phone Numbers known as opinion mining , sentiment analysis allows you to understand what users are thinking and saying about a brand. It allows you to check whether a message is positive, negative or neutral, what are the emotions of your target with respect to your brand at a given moment, the opinions and interactions of users. It provides you with all the information you need toevaluate the impact of your narrative, the effectiveness and response of your target.

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