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This is an example of a general supplies list for a high school student. Take a look and consider what it doesn’t include, like laundry and teacher specific lists, then maybe multiply that by a few kids… Back to school shopping list example. Price Trumps Brand Loyalty It’s no secret that people want to save money, especially with the global economy struggling. Intuitively, this means shoppers are less likely to be loyal to a brand and more likely to buy the lowest priced item. bad news? This means marketers cannot rely too heavily on repeat website traffic and repeat customers. good news? Now’s a great time to offer flashy deals and win some new shoppers. Bulk buying is big I will admit it.

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This trend originally came from my “mom instinct”, but it turns out I was right. When people save Poland Phone Number List money, they tend to buy products in bulk. Yes, so is backtoschool shopping. When I looked at the keyword “bulk” on Similarweb Shopper Intelligence’s Keyword Analysis tool, there was a phenomenal increase in schoolrelated products sold in bulk. From June to July , Moda West padded backpacks increased by , , jawdropping. One of the reasons this pack backpack is such a hit may be that groups of parents are buying for multiple kids together—cousins ​​and close friends, for example.

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Bulk buy back to school. Instore shopping is back in vogue A survey by Deloitte List of Mobile Phone Numbers found that of parents plan to do most of their shopping instore. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t expect that. The trend has leaned heavily towards online shopping over the past few years, so a return to instore shopping is surprising. However, this may be related to labor shortages that lead to increased shipping times for most commodities. For many shoppers, it’s also easier to find similar products if the item they want is out of stock when they visit the store in person. But what are people actually buying? NFR predicts that the average household will spend more on backtoschool shopping this year than last year.

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