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Simple and intuitive interface with limited functionality, not many familiar tools Editing, live broadcast, official account, etc. There is no targeted advertising yet. Users can write unlimited private messages, many openly spam, and send their offers through mutual subscriptions. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. From this, the conclusion speaks for itself. Everyone who develops or promotes a business on the Internet as an expert should at least be familiar with it. How the interface works If you’re already familiar with other social networks, including blocked ones, learning the interface shouldn’t be difficult.

General terms

The social network’s creators aren’t hiding the fact that they’re not reinventing the France Phone Number List wheel, but borrowing from the successful tools of similar platforms. Within the app, users can access news feeds, chat, personal pages, other tools for business development, and more. Let’s consider each element in detail News Feed Users can see posts and recommended items from accounts they follow. In social networks, an intelligent algorithm is responsible for setting recommendations, but instead of guessing interests, it chooses content based on the topics the user chooses when registering; chat users can communicate via standard private messages.

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Soon there will also be affiliated interest communities for networking and searching for List of Mobile Phone Numbers orders, and orders from customers for your services; personal page profile showing brief information about the user, current place of work, experience and skills, number of business contacts, Subscribers and subscriptions, photos, posts. It’s important that you decide what information about yourself you want to provide, and you can edit your profile at any time; business connections are a new option, but there’s really nothing complicated about these being people you mutually identify with. It’s just like friends on some other social networks. You can see each other’s posts in the stream, and you can also see the stories of everyone you have a business relationship with.

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