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I’ll show you a real example with real data. You’ll learn about the depth of research possible with the tool and the granularity the data provides. How to use Similarweb Find Keyword Blanks We’re almost ready to jump on the platform. To give you a quick grasp of what can be accomplished, I want you to understand in advance exactly how Similarweb measures keyword gaps. The Similarweb platform measures the actual traffic sites receive and determines how the traffic reaches them. Keyword Gap measures how much traffic a keyword generates for a website, rather than a calculation based on its SERP ranking position.

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In other words, we evaluate keywords based on how efficiently they Dubai Mobile Number List bring traffic to your website. This is more evidence of a keyword’s value to a website than mere rankings, which may or may not bring visitors. For example, what if it ends with a zero-click search? Why Use Similarweb for Keyword Gap Analysis Answers How do you find keywords you’re missing? On the acquisition home page of Similarweb’s digital marketing intelligence platform, you can see six of the most popular features used by marketers. All designed to discover and analyze the most successful channels in visitor and customer acquisition. Keyword Gap is one of them. Next, you’ll enter the relevant domains for comparison. In the field labeled Find Keywords for, enter your domain name.

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In the second field, you enter the competitor you want to compare it List of Mobile Phone Numbers with. Click through and you’ll see a visualization of the traffic you’re receiving for keywords that overlap with your chosen competitor. Below the graph, you’ll get a list of all the keywords generating traffic to those sites, including additional data valuable to your analysis such as KD Keyword Difficulty , Rank, and Volume. But we haven’t considered that yet. We’re here to find your missing keywords. Click on an opportunity to the right of the chart. The graph now only includes keywords for which your competitors are getting traffic but you are not.

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