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Let’s quickly recap what it’s useful for: Assessing organic search Competitive analysis Your chances of ranking for a specific keyword Estimating the time and effort required to climb to a desired level Relativizing traffic and providing context Keyword Strategy Can Close Market Gap How Do You Use Keyword Difficulty In Your Strategy? When we started using this metric, we were all told to stay away from difficult keywords. The secret to getting traffic is finding relevant low-difficulty keywords. Graphical representation of high vs. low keyword difficulty. High Difficulty = Most searched keywords with little chance of ranking and getting traffic in a short period of time.

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Low Difficulty = Fewer searches for keywords with a good chance of ranking Hong Kong Phone Numbers List high and getting traffic quickly. As you become more experienced, you’ll understand that it’s not that simple. You cannot simply ignore the difficult ones. In order for your keyword strategy to be effective, you need to create a balanced mix of keywords with varying levels of difficulty. So in the next section, I’ll show you how to incorporate keywords with high difficulty scores, and how to use Similarweb to refine your keyword strategy. get ready? The fact that they have a hard time ranking for keywords with a high Difficulty Score doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It just takes more time and effort. By that, I mean it could take years. If you get to the first page, it’s a huge success. So start early.

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Make a long-term plan. But there are other reasons why you should incorporate List of Mobile Phone Numbers these very relevant terms into your keyword strategy. Instead of looking at keywords at the page level, take a wholesome approach. Plan how pages support each other to build solid SEO frame. As you continue to add and optimize your content, you will gradually increase your authority and increase your backlinks. The most popular and most challenging keywords form the center of your keyword strategy, even if you’re not targeting them directly. Most of the lower difficulty keywords are related to them in one way or another.

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