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Inclusion This section works both ways, meaning you can also add keywords or URLs to include in your list. For example, you could add the URL of the website section on a fashion website that offers swimwear but isn’t among the competitors you’ve selected for keyword variance analysis. Then click Contains Keyword Contains or Contains URL Contains. With each step, the list gets smaller and more focused, and you get a concise collection of keywords to work with. You can now start examining other information that can help you decide which keywords to target and how.

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You found a gap – now what? Look at the second and fifth keywords in the list in the France Phone Number List screenshot below Bathing suits and bathing suits for women. First of all, it’s surprising that these keywords are here because this is your core business, so why aren’t you getting traffic from them? Filtered List of Top Traffic-Driven Keywords Examine the difficulty and volume of keywords to assess your chances of getting in that keyword’s door this season. It’s already the middle of June, and you probably don’t have enough time to create and rank for high-difficulty keywords. So, check the numbers in the column to get a better idea of ​​the potential In the KD column, you can get the Keyword Difficulty Score for your keyword. Swimsuits had an average score of 9. Use the KD Score to help plan for the short, medium, and long term, and determine the terms of your PPC target.

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The Search Volume column shows the average monthly search List of Mobile Phone Numbers volume for the past months. You can see that swimsuits generated an average of , per month over the past year searches. The Traffic column shows the actual total traffic generated by the keyword during the selected time period. In this case, we are concerned with the three months from March to May . Swimsuits brought in 9, visits, although the average was much higher. The reason for this is zero-click search. Swimsuit with medium difficulty and medium flow. I think we can agree that this is a keyword you should add to your SEO plan. You might even want to run some PPC ads right away until you improve your SEO domain authority.

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