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LTV Customer Lifetime Value Customer Lifetime Value represents the total value that an average customer brings to a company. We’re talking about the cumulative order value you can expect per customer over time. Your ideal customer is not the one who uses a coupon from an affiliate and then returns to your local store. You want customers to keep coming back and making big purchases. Measuring customer lifetime value helps you evaluate how successful your members are at attracting valuable and loyal customers. Setting goals for this metric can help you and your affiliates optimize your affiliate marketing approach and strategy.

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Assess which affiliate campaigns are better at attracting highvalue customers Norway Phone Number List and which affiliate campaigns do a better job. It also helps with your affiliate program setup. Figure out how to reward the best campaigns and affiliates. AOV = Average Order Value Average Order Value measures how much a customer spends on average on a single order. You can calculate this by dividing revenue by the number of orders. The purpose of measuring average order value is to assess the quality of customers your affiliates bring to your website. If the affiliate is sending out a lot of new clients who only buy your special discounted offers and never make large purchases, it may not be the wunderkind you’re looking for.

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You might like affiliates that turn into VIP clients with every referral, even if there List of Mobile Phone Numbers aren’t many of them. In a perfect world, there would be room for both, and you wonder which partner brings which audience. Average Order Value Formula Chargeback Rate Chargeback rate is another important metric for evaluating the quality of customers your affiliates bring to you. You can’t count on never getting cash back. There will always be customers who are not good for their money, and fraudulent activity can be targeted against anyone. However, you need to make sure that percentage remains reasonable. Keeping an eye on chargeback rates is good for the hygiene of your affiliate program. It helps keep the program safe from scams and bad players.

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